David Graham - Singer/Songwriter/Presenter/Writer and founder of the Award Winning Natural High Schools Programme


David developed The Natural High Schools Programme based around his self penned song 'Natural High' which is a highly inspirational, self motivational way to encourage young people to reject negative forms of anti social behaviour such as taking drugs and gain a 'Natural High' from using their own talents whether that be in the form of music, sports or academic achievement.


The programme uses music and competitions to get across the point making it a fun way to learn a very serious message.




It's coming home!! I am so excited to announce this tour.

4000 schools, 1 million young people, finally I'm bringing the Natural High Schools Programme to my home region thanks to the Property Fund via Cumbria Office of the Police Crime Commissioner following support Cumbria Constabulary in partnership with Carlisle Youth Zone.

I will be seeing over 1000 young people in Carlisle with this exciting partnership and some more major surprises on the way too. Find out more here - 

Carlisle Youth Zone New partnership brings ‘Natural High’ schools education programme to young people in Carlisle

Thanks to the Police Crime Comissioner Peter McColl, Deputy PCC Mike Johnson, Inspector Andrew Leather, PCSO Rochelle Jackson, Caroline Beswick Taylor (Julie, Fiona and all the team at CYZ). I already have 15 visitors from various organisations confirmed from releasing the schedule at lunchtime today and anyone else interested in coming along and seeing Natural High for themselves then please send me a message dmg@david-graham.net


New NHSP Card

As part of the presenattion each Student receives a card which included sources of help and advice such as ChildLine and Government funded agencies such as FRANK, Know The Score (Scotland), Drinkline, Quitline.


Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Wow! What a moment! The recent Merseyside tour in January saw me honoured to receive the Queens Award Badge for Voluntary Service from Liverpool Heartbeat through all their services to the Community all over the North West. I am proud to be an Ambassador for this magnificent Charity who I have worked with for nearly 20 years promoting health lifestyles and positive Natural High messages all over Merseyside and beyond.

Recent Visit

February saw me do my first show in over 20 years in Cumbria, my home County! The feedback was been exceptional from visitors, students, teachers with one visitor saying that the show should go to all Year 7's in all schools. One of the competitions is the Natural High 'MIND' competition and after hearing the messages I ask the Year 7's to write me a slogan, they only get a couple of minutes but this is one of the slogans from one student - “My talents are drawing, singing and art, these are my Natural Highs and they light up my heart, they are better than drugs, drinking and smoking, so we need to stop drugs and crime and I’m not joking”, they were ALL certainly engaged/positive/involved!